Pre-K – 2nd Grade CLASSROOOM

Student Survey — Cups (P-2) 2023-24

  • *Please note this is for internal tracking only. Your personal information and score will not be shared.
  • Directions: For each question, you're going to decide: do you do this a little, some, or a lot.  You will tap next to the cup that you think represents your answer. There are 5 choices.

  • 1. The noises around me make it hard for me to do my work.

  • 2. I finish my school work.

  • 3. I follow the rules at school.

  • 4. I am able to listen when someone else is talking.

  • 5. I am a good friend.

  • 6. I get angry or upset at school.

  • 7. Most days I have a good day at school.

  • 8. I am nervous in school.

  • 9. I feel tired in school.

  • 10. I listen to what the teacher asks me to do.

  • 11. I give up when I have too much work.

  • 12. Mindfulness has helped me.

  • 13. I use my mindfulness at school.

  • 14. I use my mindfulness at home.

  • 15. Mindfulness helps me feel better.

  • 16. I like doing mindfulness.